Pronem Midi-LCD (Wall Type)
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Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter

Pronem midi is provides to measure temperature and relative humidity and converts the values standart analog or digital signals for send to another system.


Measurement Range (RH) : 0...100 %RH
Measurement Range (T) : -20...+80 °C
Accuracy (RH) : +/- 2 %RH (Typ) at 23 °C
Accuracy (T) : +/- 0,3 °C (Typ) at 23 °C
Stability (RH) : <1 %RH/year (Typ)
Stability (T) : <0,04 °C /year (Typ)
Hysteresis (RH) : +/- 1 %RH
Hysteresis (T) : +/- 0,1 °C

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